SQL Server Reporting Services - License not found

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SQL Server Reporting Services - License not found

Post by varunb » Mon 03 Aug 2015 01:53


I am using an Oracle Data Source on my SSRS server using the Devart drivers. Randomly my reports fail and when I check the reporting services log file I see

Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleException: License not found. Please view "Licensing" topic in dotConnect for Oracle documentation for details or contact Devart technical support.

Can you please help? I recently bought a license and can email you my license details if needed. But I'm not sure how to install a license on a SSRS server


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Re: SQL Server Reporting Services - License not found

Post by Pinturiccio » Tue 04 Aug 2015 14:10

When you create an application that uses Devart assemblies, it must have a license resource. License information is a specially formed embedded resource. It is checked when a connection is opened.

Since SSRS does not allow to embed license resource, you should perform the dotConnect for Oracle installation with the selected "Minimal installation" setting and the "SQL Server Business Intelligence Solutions" option on the PC, where your project will be executed.

If dotConnect for Oracle is installed on PC, but the issue still persists, open Reporting Services Configuration Manager to determine which Report Server Service Account is used. Make sure that the account has permissions to access registry. Our code checks a particular entry in the registry to find out whether dotConnect for Oracle is installed or not.

The error with the licensing can be caused by the following three reasons:
1. dotConnect for Oracle has never been installed on a computer, where the SSRS package was installed; therefore, there is no key in the registry;
2. dotConnect for Oracle has been installed by a user, having not enough privileges to add an information to the registry; therefore, the key was not added to the registry and the "License not found" exception is generated;
3. The user that runs the application has not enough privileges to access to the registry.

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