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licensing question

Post by mpaul42 » Wed 01 Mar 2006 17:44


I am having a licensing question about distribution of OraDirect.Net runtime components, which I cannot answer reading your licensing terms. The problem I have is that our company, among others, is maintaining an open-source solution for Mono. For all comercial applications we are using OraDirect.Net library to attach to Oracle Spatial databases, I think there is not even a real alternative to this. For the open-source solution we are not using it but IKVM and an Oracle JDBC driver. This is not the best possible solution, but otherwise we do not know how to treat the pre-compiled binary version. May we distribute our pre-compiled binary version of the product including the distributable version of OraDirect.Net, or not?
According to your license terms, any developer with a valid license of OraDirect.Net may create and compile, and distribute OraDirect.Net based applications. But applied these terms to our case this means that we may publish to internet a pre-compiled binary version of the open-source product, including the DLL of the full version of the OraDirect provider. Anyone may download this product including this DLL of OraDirect. Is this possible?

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Post by December » Thu 02 Mar 2006 10:15

According to License Agreement, you may distribute run-time assembly CoreLab.Oracle.dll with your product. However, users who want to modify and recompile the product have to purchase own copy of OraDirect .NET. You may not distribute your OraDirect .NET installation with the product.
Let us know if we answered your question completely. If we didn't, please refine you question.

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