Workflow Instance Store: Synchronous Persistence

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Workflow Instance Store: Synchronous Persistence

Post by f.faust » Wed 18 Mar 2015 14:27


I'm using the workflow isntance store with an Oracle 12 database. For starting the service the Microsoft default Receive and Send activities are used with "Persist before Send" set to true.
Starting a single workflow instance with an service call works fine. When putting load on the service and starting many instances in short time, many instances get persisted in an invalid state. No information except start time is stored, especially DataProperties are missing. The Send activity does the correct callback, so it is not possible to check whether the instance was persisted correctly.

When comparing to the Microsoft MS-SQL Server instance store I can see a difference in the behavior. Starting workflows using with your instance store wall needs a constant (short) time for each instance. Starting the same amount with MS takes an increasing tome after some instances when the DB writes the instances.

Is your implementation writing the persistence data asynchronously to the database? Is there any way to find out what happens to those partially persisted workflows or why that occurs?

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Florian Faust

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Re: Workflow Instance Store: Synchronous Persistence

Post by Shalex » Tue 24 Mar 2015 18:25

We have asked you for the additional information by email.

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