OracleObject Creation

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OracleObject Creation

Post by Albert » Mon 17 Nov 2014 13:16

Hi, all!

I'm creating OracleObject with t_variant type parameter.

If user's schema is owner of type (t_variant) devart creates new object successfully.
If user's schema contains only link to object type (f.e. owner of t_variant is KPI and select makes by user ATP) devart breaks with Error code: ORA-04043 object xxx doesn't exist.

Where's bug?

.NET 4.0
Oracle 11g
Win7 x64
Devart.Data.Oracle.dll, v6.50.228.0

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 protected virtual string OracleTypeName
            get { return "public.t_variant"; }

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protected TVariant(StcValueType valueType, object pValue, OracleConnection connection)
		    OracleObject = new OracleObject(OracleTypeName, connection);
		    ValueType = valueType;
		    Value = pValue;

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Re: OracleObject Creation

Post by Pinturiccio » Fri 21 Nov 2014 10:49

The public phrase means that the synonym is a public synonym and is accessible to all users. Remember though that the user must first have the appropriate privileges to the object to use the synonym. For more information, please refer to ... msg_221675

In order to create OracleObject("public.t_variant", connection) on behalf of the 'ATP' user, you need to add the following privileges for the PUBLIC user:

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