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Post by darrenzully » Mon 03 Nov 2014 13:59

Dear forum,

I'm testing dotConnect for Oracle using the latest trial version, and the following code raise me the ORA-02291 error. Please, can you help me?

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public int Save(ISegmentableConfigurationData configData)
                using (DbContext context = new ConfiguracionContext())
                    var datoDb = context.Set<TConfigurableData>().Find(configData.Id) as TConfigurableData;
                    if (datoDb == null)
                        context.Set<TConfigurableData>().Add(configData as TConfigurableData);
                        Mapear(datoDb, configData as TConfigurableData, context);

                    context.SaveChanges(); //Here is the problem!!!
            catch (DbEntityValidationException) // TODO: Validación de errores
                configData.Id = 0;
            return configData.Id;
And the map:

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 public ConfigurationDataTablasMap()

            Ignore(x => x.Id);
            Ignore(x => x.Content);

            HasKey(x => x.ConfigurationDataId);

            Property(x => x.ConfigurationDataId)


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Re: ORA-02291

Post by MariiaI » Tue 04 Nov 2014 11:12

Please provide us with the following information:
- the Oracle server version;
- the mode you are working with - direct or OCI;
- the full stack trace of the exception;
- the DDL scripts for the necessary database tables (if Code-First functionality is not used for this);
- the generated SQL query: https://www.devart.com/dotconnect/oracl ... nitor.html , etc.

Please create a small test project, with which this error could be reproduced, and send it us, so that we are able to investigate it in more details and find a solution for you.

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