Oracle Developer Tools for VB.NET - Debugging Issues

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Oracle Developer Tools for VB.NET - Debugging Issues

Post by chrisfleetwood » Tue 19 Aug 2014 14:08

Has anyone had any issues with debugging Oracle code in .NET via dotConnect for Oracle using Oracle Developer Tools? I have set up Oracle Developer Tools properly (based on instructions from the Oracle site). I wrote a test app to call and execute an Oracle API, connecting with a Devart OracleConnection/OracleCommand object. Using the Server Explorer in .NET, I successfully created a database connection using a userID with SYSDBA privileges. When I try to insert breakpoints in the Oracle code, I get the customary "No breakpoints will hit.....symbols have not been loaded" type of message. When I try to debug my test application, it will not step into the Oracle code at the point of the call to the Oracle API (which it is supposed to).

In comparison, I have set up a Oracle Developer Tools demo API and test VB.NET project/solution I downloaded from the Oracle site. This app/project illustrates the debugging functionality and is, by definition, set up according to Oracle's specs. Using this project, I found that I am indeed able to set breakpoints in the Oracle code and the breakpoints do fire correctly. The only difference here is that the Oracle demo project uses ODAC (Oracle Data Access Client) instead of the Devart objects.

Right now, it appears that I may be dealing with a security/permissions issue. Both of my .NET projects/solutions (my own test app versus the demo app from Oracle) have the same setup with respect to the Oracle Developer Tools. I am using the same Server Explorer connection for both projects.

Ideas, anyone? Any insights and/or observations would, of course, be greatly appreciated.

Chris Fleetwood
Global Software, Inc.

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Re: Oracle Developer Tools for VB.NET - Debugging Issues

Post by Pinturiccio » Wed 27 Aug 2014 15:17

Oracle Developer Tools are created by Oracle, and only Server Explorer connections using the ODP.NET provider are available in the Tools->Options->Oracle Developer Tools->PL/SQL Debugging settings. We cannot change Oracle Developer Tools behavior because this is not a Devart product.

We offer dbForge Fusion for Oracle with the PL/SQL debugger feature for debugging PL/SQL code. For more information, please refer to dbForge Fusion for Oracle can be purchased separately or with dotConnect for Oracle Developer edition. For more information, please refer to

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