dotConnect for Visual Studio 2013 - Problem

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dotConnect for Visual Studio 2013 - Problem

Post by ndouchi » Fri 20 Jun 2014 20:29

Hi folks,

dotConnect appears on the Connection wizard for VS 2010 and VS 2012 but it doesn't appear on VS 2013. I should note that my VS 2013 is a trial version. Should that matter? And if it doesn't, does dotConnect support any release after VS 2012?


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Re: dotConnect for Visual Studio 2013 - Problem

Post by Shalex » Mon 23 Jun 2014 07:06

Visual Studio 2013 is supported by dotConnect for Oracle starting from the 8.1.26 (31-Oct-13) version.
Please give us the following information:
1) the exact (x.x.x) version of your dotConnect for Oracle (Tools > Oracle > About)
2) the full version of your Visual Studio (Help > About)
3) tell us the exact steps we should follow to invoke "Connection wizard" (e.g.: View > Server Explorer, etc) and reproduce the issue

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