Convert .NET .ssdl to Oracle .ssd.

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Convert .NET .ssdl to Oracle .ssd.

Post by milton841 » Tue 25 Mar 2014 19:49


I have searched all over this site but have not found a reasonable description of how to convert an .ssdl file created by the ADO.NET entity framework to an Oracle .ssdl.

What I do now is manually convert data types and the select statements which are in an SQL Server format, which will not work with Oracle.

Is there an easy way to do this without creating a second model? All I need to do is import the .NET .ssdl and output an Oracle .ssdl.

I am about to write my own parser to do this but I would like to have dotConnect do this.


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Re: Convert .NET .ssdl to Oracle .ssd.

Post by Shalex » Thu 27 Mar 2014 10:08

There is a way to migrate *.edmx for SQL Server to *.edmx for Oracle with EDM Designer: ... html#first (check all the links in this section).

But we recommend using another approach - with Entity Developer. For this:
1) install dotConnect for Oracle Professional Trial and Entity Developer Professional Trial
2) open your *.edmx in Entity Developer and save it as *.edml
3) change the SQL Server connection string in Database Explorer to the one to Oracle
4) right click on the designer surface > Regenerate Storage and Mapping
5) save the model and press the Generate Code button
That's all.
We installed a separate Entity Developer to work with SQL Server. After convertion is done and if you are not going to work with SQL Server, uninstall Entity Developer (a separate product).
dotConnect for Oracle Professional itself includes the Entity Developer edition which can be used only with Oracle servers.

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