Oracle boolean errors

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Oracle boolean errors

Post by j_p_g » Wed 13 Nov 2013 14:56

I keep getting this error when trying to use Poco classes in EF on an Oracle database

(135,12) : error 2019: Member Mapping specified is not valid. The type 'Edm.Boolean[Nullable=False,DefaultValue=]' of member 'IsOk' in type 'Testing' is not compatible with 'OracleEFProvider.number[Nullable=False,DefaultValue=,Precision=38,Scale=0]' of member 'IsOk' in type 'CodeFirstDatabaseSchema.Testing'.

Any ideas? I've googled the term but other than flooded with Oracle tools having this problem, haven't seen anything for Devart components other than when passing parameters into a procedure.

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Re: Oracle boolean errors

Post by Shalex » Thu 14 Nov 2013 14:22

The text of the error says that you are using another provider (not dotConnect for Oracle).

If you decide to employ dotConnect for Oracle, refer to ... olean.html.

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