access violation in oracle.exe

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access violation in oracle.exe

Post by MartinE » Mon 07 Oct 2013 14:00


We use dotconnect for oracle to access an oracle database from a c# application. Now we observe the problem that from time to time oracle.exe is termiated due to an access violation. The database server runs without problems till the application with devart connector is started. Then it takes from seconds to hours till the access violation occur and the OS terminates oracle.exe When the error occur an core_orc1_pid_xxx file is written to the oracle-home database folder. Content of the file is:

An Unhandled Exception Occurred,
Exception Number : 0xc0000005
Exception Address : 0x7c93bdc6

Our environment:
- windows xp sp3 german 32bit
- oracle and also
- .Net 3.5
- connect-mode: direct
- combination Devart.Data.dll and Devart.Data.Oracle.dll --> error comes more often then with
- combination Devart.Data.dll 5.0.781.0 and Devart.Data.Oracle.dll 7.9.322.0 --> error occur more rare but occur also

Following the connecting procedure of a test application to reproduce the problem (execute a connect to a locked user e.g. every second):

public static IDbConnection CreateConnection(string host, string sid, int port, string username, string password, int loginTimeout, int poolSize)
OracleConnectionStringBuilder oraCSB = new OracleConnectionStringBuilder();
oraCSB.Direct = true;
oraCSB.Server = host;
oraCSB.Port = port;
oraCSB.Sid = sid;
oraCSB.UserId = username;
oraCSB.Password = password;
oraCSB.ConnectionTimeout = loginTimeout; // e.g. 5000 ms
oraCSB.MaxPoolSize = poolSize; // e.g. 150

OracleConnection newCon = new OracleConnection(oraCSB.ConnectionString);
newCon.Direct = true;
newCon.AutoCommit = true;
return newCon;

Any ideas why this happen?

Martin E.

Devart Team
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Re: access violation in oracle.exe

Post by Pinturiccio » Wed 09 Oct 2013 14:24

We could not reproduce the issue with provided code. In our environment your code works stable even with dotConnect for Oracle

Could you please provide the following for reproducing the issue:
1. the kind of network you are working with: Wi-Fi, Internet or LAN;
2. How much memory and free disk space does the server have?
3. Send us a small test project that reproduces the issue.

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