Double Characters recived when using Direct mode

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Double Characters recived when using Direct mode

Post by vilas » Tue 24 Jan 2006 16:50

After setting mode to direct, data retrieved from oracle 9i contains double characters.

So for each single character we receive two bytes from the DB. The same thing doesn't happen if we connect through OCI mode.

Please guide on possible solution.

Earlier we thought that this is happening due to unicode set to true. but after setting unicode to false, we get the same thing.

Actually the 20 Hexcode gets prepend to each character, so for "TEST"
we receive data as "T E S T" with space containing 20 in hexa.

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Post by Paul » Wed 25 Jan 2006 10:01

We cannot reproduce your problem. Send us please small demo project to demonstrate the problem to OraDirect .NET support address and include script to create server objects.
Please specify full versions of OraDirect .NET, Oracle server, Oracle server database charset (NLS_CHARACTERSET), your Windows localization

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