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Post by JoeRuspante » Fri 28 Dec 2012 17:39

Hi everybody.

I'm using dotConnect for Oracle 7.4.142 and EntityFramework Code First (Runtime 4.5).
In a solution I'm reading xml files from a directory and update an Oracle's table.

This is a simply code:

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MyDbContext ctx = new MyDbContext();
foreach (var item in Directory.GetFiles(@"mydir", "*.xml")

   Customer c = new Customer();
   // Loading data into c variable from xml file
   using (TransactionScope t = new TransactionScope())


When I have a lot of files to elaborate in a same execution, the programm exit with "ORA-8177" error.

It seems a problem of the IsolationLevel used.

How can I change it?

PS: On MyDbContext I make some configurations by code...

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OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.CodeFirstOptions.UseNonUnicodeStrings = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.Workarounds.IgnoreSchemaName = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.Workarounds.IgnoreDboSchemaName = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.CodeFirstOptions.TruncateLongDefaultNames = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.CodeFirstOptions.UseDateTimeAsDate = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.Workarounds.DisableQuoting = true;
OracleEntityProviderConfig.Instance.Workarounds.ColumnTypeCasingConventionCompatibility = true;

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Re: ORA-8177

Post by Shalex » Sat 29 Dec 2012 13:15

JoeRuspante wrote:When I have a lot of files to elaborate in a same execution, the programm exit with "ORA-8177" error.
Are you using only one or several contexts within your TransactionScope in a real application?
1. If one: remove usage of TransactionScope at all because context employs transaction internally for the SaveChanges call and rolls back all changes if there is any error.
2. If several: set another IsolationLevel for TransactionScope via its constructor.

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