updating many to many associations

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updating many to many associations

Post by Helge.Suess » Thu 15 Nov 2012 12:21


I can create successfully entries in a table A associated to another table B with a many to many association (using Entity Framework and dotConnect for Oracle, model first).

When I try to change an entry in table A to be associated with other entries in table B, nothing happens. There's no exception, no sign of any failure. The changes are reflected in the entities, but just won't show up in the database.

What I'm doing:
* Load an entity of A with the navigational property collection of associated B entities.
* Load the entites from B which I want to associate with my A entity.
* Add the B entities to the Bs collection in the A entity.
* Commit the changes in A.

Is this the proper way to change many to many associations?


Helge ;-)=)

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Re: updating many to many associations

Post by Shalex » Wed 21 Nov 2012 09:21

1. Please send us a small test project to reproduce the issue in our environment.
2. Specify the exact (x.xx.xxx) version of your dotConnect for Oracle.

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