ASP.NET OracleDataSource PIPELINED function

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ASP.NET OracleDataSource PIPELINED function

Post by hannes_a » Thu 08 Nov 2012 09:24

I use on ASP.NET a OracleDataSource 5.70.190 in direct mode with this select

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select * from table(packname.functname(:id))
during designtime I can select data, but during runtime I get:
Error occured while parsing the FORM clause: identifier or expression expected
What can I do for workaround ?

By the way:

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with x as (select * form y)
select * from x
doesn't work, but there I found some workarounds

Thank you

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Re: ASP.NET OracleDataSource PIPELINED function

Post by Pinturiccio » Wed 14 Nov 2012 12:50

We could not reproduce the issue. Could you please create and send us a small test project with the corresponding DDL/DML scripts for reproducing the issue?

Please also tell us your Oracle Database version.

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