Multiple Select Query Execute

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Multiple Select Query Execute

Post by samurae83 » Wed 12 Sep 2012 10:48

I'm developing a SQL executor like SQLGate and Orange.

I'm having a problem executing mutiple select queries.
(eg, select * from dept; select * from emp;)
Two seperate grids should be displayed after the execution.

Right now, I'm adding the queries into the array and execute them one by one using the
foreach(string q in queries)
oracleCommand.CommandText = q;

Is there any better way to do this?

Thank you.

ps - I'm using C#.

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Re: Multiple Select Query Execute

Post by Shalex » Thu 13 Sep 2012 11:56

You can use the PL/SQL block:

Code: Select all

            OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection("host=orcl1120;uid=scott;pwd=tiger");
            String commStr =@"BEGIN
                                OPEN :rcursor1 FOR SELECT * FROM dept c;
                                OPEN :rcursor2 FOR SELECT * FROM emp m;
            OracleCommand comm = new OracleCommand(commStr, conn);
            comm.Parameters.Add("rcursor1", OracleDbType.Cursor).Direction = System.Data.ParameterDirection.Output;
            comm.Parameters.Add("rcursor2", OracleDbType.Cursor).Direction = System.Data.ParameterDirection.Output;
            OracleDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader();
            do {
                while (reader.Read()) {
                    for (int i = 0; i < reader.FieldCount; i++) {
                        Console.Write(reader.GetValue(i) + "\t ");
            } while (reader.NextResult());

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