New build of dotConnect for Oracle 7.1.58 is available!

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New build of dotConnect for Oracle 7.1.58 is available!

Post by Devart » Thu 09 Aug 2012 11:48

Dear users,

New build of dotConnect for Oracle 7.1.58 is available for download now.

In this version:
  • The bug with "invalid OCI handle" exception during a distributed transaction rollback is fixed
  • The bug with inserting a string with OracleUtils.OracleClientCompatible mode and 'Unicode=false' connection string parameter is fixed
  • The bug when connection to Oracle 8.0 database in Direct mode hangs is fixed
  • The bug with the OracleDbType.Char command parameter when using the "Unicode=true;" connection string parameter in the Direct Mode is fixed
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to Oracle)
  • The bug with creating DataContext with complex types having no default mapping is fixed
  • The bug with modifying the list of tracked entities when it is being enumerated is fixed
  • The bug with clearing the collection of depending entities is fixed
  • The bug with comparing nvarchar datatype strings is fixed
  • The bug related to the Oracle constants with empty strings is fixed
  • The bug with materializing result sets of Oracle procedures with single output cursor is fixed
  • The bug with datetime literals as default COALESCE arguments is fixed
Entity Developer
  • The possibility to unload assemblies from the main application domain by using separate application domain is implemented
  • The possibility to disable such Database First Settings as type mapping rules is implemented
  • The design time copy/cut/paste functionality for enum members is added
  • The bug with generating the "This model has been modified outside of the editor. Do you want to reload it?" error when Entity Developer is integrated into TFS is fixed
  • The bug with integration into TFS is fixed
Entity Framework support
  • The config.QueryOptions.UseCSharpNullComparisonBehavior configuration option for checking for NULL when comparing a nullable property (column) or an expression with a variable (parameter) in LINQ to Entities is implemented (by default, false)
  • The config.QueryOptions.CaseInsensitiveComparison option is implemented to manage the compare behaviour when using Linq to Entities comparison expression such as "a == b" (by default, false)
  • The behaviour is changed: Substring() in LINQ queries is now translated to DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR for LOBs
  • The bug with automatic setting of the ColumnTypeCasingConventionCompatibility configuration option to True when using EF Code-First 4.3 or higher and ObjectContext with XML mapping (the attributes of the EdmSchemaAttribute assembly level) simultaneously is fixed
  • The bug with comparing char fields in the non-unicode mode is fixed
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