Regenerate Entity Class

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Regenerate Entity Class

Post by vonbrana » Thu 14 Jun 2012 14:06

When using the dev art Entity Developer, I have been able to create models, using the POCO template, from the database. But I have a problem when I change a table in the database, for example adding a new field, and have to update the model. The entity in the model does get updated in the gui and model explorer, but the change does not get pushed to the entity class generated by the model in .designer.cs class.

I see the check box at the beginning to the wizard for updating the model, that I can choose to regenerate the model, but this is not what I want because it requires me to go through and choose all the tables and views all over again to include in the model.

How can I push a change from the database to entity classes previously generated?
Do I have to manually update the entity class?
Alec von Brand

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Re: Regenerate Entity Class

Post by Helen » Fri 15 Jun 2012 12:31

To start code generation after updating the model from database, you should save the model. In other words, if a changed model is saved, its code is automatically regenerated.

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