Error while retrieving data from DB

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Error while retrieving data from DB

Post by srjraja » Wed 13 Jun 2012 13:24

Hi All,

Am having a new issue with Dot Connect for Oracle 670pro, I got below errors in production and now it works fine without any changes being done.

1.The type 'GetRefTypeIdResult' has been mapped more than once.
2.The type parameter 'GetTriggerListResult' in ExecuteFunction is incompatible with the type 'GetTriggerListResult' returned by the function.

My code uses ObjectContext type which was auto generated using DevArt Entity model. I got lot of information while surfing over the net on ObjectContext in Entity framework 4.0 and ExecuteFunction.

I request for the solution to fix the above error. Below is the autogenerated from DevArt Entity Model,

public ObjectResult<GetRefTypeIdResult> GetRefTypeId (string IN_TCKT_CODE)
ObjectParameter IN_TCKT_CODEParameter;
if (IN_TCKT_CODE != null)
IN_TCKT_CODEParameter = new ObjectParameter("IN_TCKT_CODE", IN_TCKT_CODE);
IN_TCKT_CODEParameter = new ObjectParameter("IN_TCKT_CODE", typeof(string));
return base.ExecuteFunction<GetRefTypeIdResult>("GetRefTypeId", IN_TCKT_CODEParameter);

Please help!!.


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Re: Error while retrieving data from DB

Post by Shalex » Mon 18 Jun 2012 12:20

Please send us a small complete test project with the model and the corresponding DDL of your stored procedure and related database objects so that we can reproduce the issue in our environment. Also specify the exact version (x.x.xx) of dotConnect for Oracle you are using.

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