why Devart Entity Model can't generate meta data in VS.net?

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why Devart Entity Model can't generate meta data in VS.net?

Post by Sowen » Fri 13 Jan 2012 15:52

hi, a quick question

I must have missed something

if I create a new item and follow the Devart Entity Model wizard to create a new edml, once it's done, and I run Custom Tool, it only generates entity and data context, but no meta data files, such as ssdl, csdl and msl

but if I use Entity Developer Tool, using the same step and create the model, and then hit F7 to generate. I can get all of them, including meta data files.



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Post by Shalex » Mon 16 Jan 2012 16:15

3 metadata files are always generated for further use when you are working with standalone Entity Developer.

If Entity Developer is integrated in Visual Studio, these 3 metadata resources are not generated explicitly but embeded in output assembly during build process. If you want to get 3 files, set the Metadata Artifact Processing property of your model to CopyToOutputDirectory.

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