Installation crashes the interface of visual studio

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Installation crashes the interface of visual studio

Post by verenea » Tue 10 Jan 2012 20:01

First off, I'm using Win7/64-bit machine, Visual Studio 2010. And I have been attempting to use dcoracle570pro.exe...

When I install dotConnect Oracle, with either my normal user account or my admin account, the installation completes fine. However, when I open VS2010, the interface is to the IDE is hosed, and I'm unable to click on any of the File/Edit/View/Tools/etc. tabs or close the Start Page or use open a website.

I have sufficient read/write privileges on all the software involved, including the installer, as well as the folders that contain the CMT files for Visual Studio.

When I uninstall Devart software, everything returns to normal.

One item to note is that if I install under my admin account, and then open VS2010 as an admin, I am able to open a project/website, but am still unable to utilize any of the features that were just installed (Access is denied)

I work for the Corps of Engineers, so it possibly be group policy, but I would assume if I can make all of these other administrative and executive decisions regarding the installation and management of the software and plugins, that would not be so much the case

Not sure what else to try, anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Post by Pinturiccio » Fri 13 Jan 2012 14:50

We have answered you by e-mail.

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