Recommendation... Best approach to use netConnect.

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Recommendation... Best approach to use netConnect.

Post by ivancho72 » Sat 10 Dec 2011 16:46

Ok we are evaluating the possibility to use dotConnect to implement the DAL of our project. These are our constraints:

- Oracle Database
- All the accesses to the DB have to be done through stored procedures (Read and Writes)
- We want to encapsulate the data access in repositories that return POCO entities to be used by the services layer and later on be sent to the presentation layer through services.
- We have heavy performance requirements (1000's of reads/s)
- Minimize development effort (dev team of 50+ devs)

I have looked at the options that dotConnect offer (LinqConnect, Entity Modeler or EF ) and I'm not sure if they will meet these requirements or it would be better to use the dotConnect driver directly (In this case which ones will be the advantages against the ODP.NET driver)

Your advise will be appreciated and considered as pat of our effort to select a tool for this project.

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Post by Shalex » Mon 12 Dec 2011 14:52

The POCO Entity generation template is available with both Entity Framework (Add > New Item > Data > Devart Entity Model) and LinqConnect (Add > New Item > Data > Devart LinqConnect Model). You can use any of these ones.

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