Receiving TNS-12679 Error when Connecting

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Receiving TNS-12679 Error when Connecting

Post by sqlking » Thu 01 Dec 2011 15:47

Hi -

We are trialing the dotConnect and are having issues with it connecting to our Oracle 11g R2 instance. We are attempting to connect direct (no oracle client is installed). The same test program works against a 10g development instance we have as well as an instance we are hosting @ Amazon (also a 11gR2 instance). Our sense is this is a configuration issue w/ our listener but we are not completely sure.

Any suggestions/help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. There is not much content out there on the 12679 error.


Here is the connection string we are using:;user id=scott;password=tiger;Direct=True;SID=oursid;Port=1521;Pooling=false;

Here is the error we are receiving in the Oracle alert logs:

Fatal NI connect error 12679, connecting to:

TNS for Linux: Version - Production
Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
Time: 01-DEC-2011 09:07:10
Tracing not turned on.
Tns error struct:
ns main err code: 12679

TNS-12679: Native services disabled by other process but required
ns secondary err code: 0
nt main err code: 0
nt secondary err code: 0
nt OS err code: 0
opiodr aborting process unknown ospid (19544) as a result of ORA-609

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Post by Pinturiccio » Mon 05 Dec 2011 14:00

Colud you please install Oracle Client and try establishing a connection using the OCI connection mode. Notify us about results. Looking forward to your reply.

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