Silverlight sample for VS2010

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Silverlight sample for VS2010

Post by HCRoman » Fri 09 Sep 2011 11:06

Hi devart team,

we are successful using devart EF4 with WPF clients.

Now i want to write a silverlight web app, that uses the existing EF4 entity model. I started with VS2010 BusinessApplication-Template and changed the web.config, so it should use devart oracle entity connection, but without success.

I moved the connectionString from my wpf app.config to the web.config and get the error message that metadata is an invalid connection string parameter...

Can you provide a simple example based on that BusinessApplication-Template but with an EntityModel residing in its own dll but embedded metadata in the Web server application.

(The Sample folder does not give me the clue, I am starting the usage of silverlight...)

Have I to include all classes from InstallWebTables.sql into my entity model? ore is it better to have two connections, one for handling user logon and one entity context connection for application stuff?

Show, how to work without connection string in the web.config and EXTERNAL user logon for oracle.

Spent some wise words about licensing, library referencing in the web.config and embedding metadata in the application.

(Shipping this as an VS2010 template in future releases would be great...)

Thank you for any help


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Post by Shalex » Tue 13 Sep 2011 15:30

HCRoman wrote:Can you provide a simple example based on that BusinessApplication-Template
We will investigate the possibility of implementing our own Silverlight samples, but there is no timeframe. Please use general Entity Framework tutorials for SQL Server customizing them for Oracle with our provider underneath.

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