Error when using OraDeveloper with VS 2010 and Oracle 64-bit

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Error when using OraDeveloper with VS 2010 and Oracle 64-bit

Post by extrakun » Wed 25 May 2011 13:28

When I try to use the DevArt OraDeveloper tool, inside Visual Studios
2010, to open a connection to my 64-bit Oracle 11g database by right
clicking inside the empty panel and creating a new connection, it
throws me this exception:

"Unable to load C:\....\oci.dll
Please check you use x32 version of Oracle client with x32 application"

However, direct connection works.

We face the same problem when attempting to connect to the client
inside our code.

The system is running on Windows 7 Home, 64-bit.
The database is Oracle 64-bit 11g, and using the client that came with it.

We are using the developer edition of DotConnect for Oracle.

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Post by Shalex » Thu 26 May 2011 09:51

The mode (capacity) of an application that uses Oracle Client should be the same as the mode of Oracle Client. If your your application (e.g., a process of VS) is a 32 bit one, Oracle client should be a 32 bit one as well. You can find the mode of the processes via Windows Task Manager.

Direct Mode doesn't use Oracle Client: ... tmode.html .

We compile our assemblies with the "any CPU" platform target. So, they can be used in the x86 and x64 modes (depends on the capacity of your application).

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