Model not updating after dragging a table to designer

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Model not updating after dragging a table to designer

Post by genesplitter » Mon 04 Apr 2011 17:18

I recently upgraded to the latest build of dotConnect for Oracle, but I now find that dragging a table or view onto the designer does not update the auto-generated code. I am running VS 2010, Win7 64 bit, and the latest dotconnect for Oracle (ver 6.10.126). Any ideas on why it's not auto-generating?

Also when right-clicking the .lqml file, there is no Custom Tool defined. I thought that this needs to be defined to auto-generate the code. There is no dropdown or ability to manually type "DevartLinqToSqlGenerator" into this field either (assuming this is the issue).

Update: generating the model externally using the Entity Developer works fine.

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Post by StanislavK » Tue 05 Apr 2011 13:05

You are correct: the 'Custom Tool' property of the model file should be set to DevartLinqToSqlGenerator to make possible generating the model code. Also, 'Custom Tool' should be properly set by default, as well as it should be possible to specify this property manually.

We couldn't reproduce the issue in our environment (i.e., it was possible to set 'Custom Tool'). Please specify the type of your project and describe the way you've added the model to this project. If possible, please also send us a sample, so that we are able to analyze the problem in details.

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