Multiple Oracle Home

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Multiple Oracle Home

Post by achib » Thu 06 Oct 2005 11:33

I use OraDirect 2.5.3

string OracleHome = "c:\orant";

foreach(CoreLab.Oracle.OracleHome h in CoreLab.Oracle.OracleConnection.Homes)
if(h.Path.ToUpper() == OracleHome.ToUpper())
_cnn.Home = h.Path;
} }

when i call _cnn.Open() i get exception Oracle Home with name C:\orant does not exist. Why does not Oracle Home exist, if i select it from the OracleHomeCollection?

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Post by Paul » Tue 11 Oct 2005 06:28

You must specify Oracle home name instead of its path in OracleConnection.Home property. Plese see h.Name or the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\HOME?\ORACLE_HOME registry key.

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