Sharepoint Foundation 2010 BDC: Access Oracle DB

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Sharepoint Foundation 2010 BDC: Access Oracle DB

Post by goethals.f » Tue 15 Feb 2011 14:49


I have some questions about the integration of the new "Sharepoint Foundation 2010" (the free version) and the BDC-functions (Business Data Connectivity), combined with access to our oracle DB.

As far as I know, the BDC makes accessing oracle info possible from within sharepoint.

Therefore, some special XML-config-file needs to be imported in the system (See: , How to: Connect to an Oracle Database Using Business Connectivity Services )

Some settings in that xml-file concerns the connection (in the example there is only "Oracle" provided as DatabaseAccessProvider . What this really mean, I don't know.

And I'm just wondering if you know if we can specify devart as the connection-provider, and eventually what extra settings we need to specify (tns-names, ....)

I would like to achive something like ( ) --> that software seems to make the bridge between sharepoint and oracle (but relies on ODP.NET)

In the end, I'm just researching if the combination of sharepoint foundation 2010, BDC and oracle could give me a quick solution to have some UI that I can use for simlple CRUD operations on my oracle table (single table)

If a direct solution is not really possible, I think BDC and some WCF-service (which connects to oracle using dotconnect) may be the second possibility.

So maybe some people are already some stages further then me, and can give some feedback.

thanks a lot


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Post by StanislavK » Thu 17 Feb 2011 16:11

Since dotConnect for Oracle supports general ADO.NET architecture, and non-Microsoft data providers can be used within Sharepoint Foundation, it is probably possible to use dotConnect for Oracle for this as well. However, we did not perform such tests nor have samples of how to attach dotConnect for Oracle to Sharepoint Foundation.

We will post here when any new information is available.

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