dotConnect for Oracle 6.10 is released!

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dotConnect for Oracle 6.10 is released!

Post by Devart » Thu 27 Jan 2011 14:03

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new version of dotConnect for Oracle, enhanced database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture that offers Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL support. New dotConnect for Oracle offers new greatly improved Entity Developer 3.20.

The new version of Entity Developer delivers automatic generation of sequences and triggers for Autoincrement properties in Oracle and improved greatly improved working with large models with ability to create several diagrams per model.

Generating Sequences and Triggers

New Entity Developer automatically generates a sequence and a trigger for autoincrement fields in Oracle when generating database script from the model or when synchronizing database with a model. Just set Auto Generated Value to true for integer property in LinqConnect model, or Store Generated Pattern to "Identity" for Entity Framework model and Entity Developer will generate sequence and trigger DDL automatically.

Large Models

In case of large models containing many entities, the diagram may become too complex to understand and edit. To make your model better understandable, new Entity Developer allows splitting the model into several thematic diagrams, each one having a part of model entities. For example, all entities, related to sales may be placed on one diagram, and production entities - to another diagram.

Managing diagrams is very easy. Model diagrams are displayed in the Diagrams node of the conceptual model in the Model Explorer. Here you can add a new diagram to your model, remove or rename existing model diagrams at any time.

If you generate a model from a database, you can split model into diagrams by schemas or create only one default diagram with all or part of the entities.

Model can have as many diagrams as you need, and each diagram may contain any model entities. When creating a new diagram, you may immediately choose model entities to display on it.

Here is the complete list of dotConnect for Oracle 6.10.96 features:
  • Supported Oracle Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP)
  • Added 'Connection Class' connection string parameter and OracleConnectionStringBuilder.ConnectionClass property for DRCP support
  • Implemented support for the TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL, CLOB, and BLOB Oracle data types in the OracleLoader component
  • Implemented support for the OracleCommand.CommandTimeout and OracleConnection.ConnectionTimeout properties in the OCI connection mode
  • Added possibility to use overloaded stored procedures which do not return result set with ExecuteScalar()/ExecuteNonQuery() without setting a number of overload when parameters are added manually
  • Improved Oracle Objects Wizard: now it generates a constructor receiving non-typed OracleObject
  • Added BeginTransaction value to the MonitorEventType enum
  • Implemented the DbMonitor.EventQueueLimit property which allows to set the maximal allowed number of messages waiting for being processed by the dbMonitor application
  • Changed behaviour in OracleClient compatibility mode: stored procedures are called with named parameters now
  • Fixed bug with incorrect EventType passed to TraceEvent of DbMonitor
  • Fixed bug with cursor parameters of stored procedures in OracleDataSource
  • Fixed bug with starting transactions for a connection on which an error occurred
  • Fixed OCI_INVALID_HANDLE error when a command is reused after connection is reopened
  • Fixed bug with timezone passed to OracleTimeStamp constructors
  • Fixed bug with parameters order in OracleCommand.Parameters collection in Direct mode
  • Fixed bug with multi value parameters in SQL Server Reporting Services
LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to Oracle)
  • Fixed bug with repeated creation of DataContexts with external mapping
  • Fixed bug with many-to-many associations based on composite keys
Entity Developer
  • Added possibility to split model into several diagrams for better handling of large models
  • Supported automatic generation of sequences and triggers for Autoincrement properties
  • Implemented possibility to disable automatic recognition of many-to-many associations
  • Fixed bug with handling errors when accessing server via an invalid connection
  • Fixed bug with generating code for methods returning scalar result in Entity Framework models
  • Fixed bug with adding associated tables from the Store part of the model to designer in Entity Framework models
  • Fixed bug with MaxLength facet for Unicode servers
  • Fixed bug with opening models that have invalid connection strings
Entity Framework
  • Improved performance for Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 integration
  • Fixed bug with MaxLength facet for Unicode servers
  • Fixed bug with TruncateTime canonical function
Devart development team