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Oracle Script

Post by degas » Mon 10 Jan 2011 19:47

i have a problem whe running the following script using the OracleScript component.

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Insert into data
The strange thing is that if i run it my local machine works fine but when i run it on my server i get the following error:
ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

If i run it on the sqlplus works fine in mi server and my local machine.
The version i am using is 5.35.79

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Post by Shalex » Wed 12 Jan 2011 15:01

SQL Plus commands are not supported by the OracleScript component. In this case you can safely omit the 'SET SCAN OFF' (or 'SET DEF OFF') option in your script because this is a default behaviour.
We recommend you to use OracleCommand to execute queries with parameters.

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