exception when updating view with blob

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exception when updating view with blob

Post by FritzTheCat » Fri 03 Dec 2010 13:47

Hello and good evening, at least on my part of the world

I am using and try to update a view that is a 1:1 attribute match with the underlying table, no functions, no orderby, just a list of attributes.

One attribute is a blob.

If I insert an entity (or row), than an exception is thrown. I think this is not a exception from oracle and it looks like this->

{Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleException (0x80004005): ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here
at xc.t.d()
at Devart.Data.Oracle.bi.k()
at Devart.Data.Oracle.bi.c()
at Devart.Data.Oracle.r.a(Int32 A_0, a3 A_1)
at Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleCommand.InternalExecute(CommandBehavior behavior, IDisposable disposable, Int32

startRecord, Int32 maxRecords, Boolean nonQuery)
at Devart.Common.DbCommandBase.ExecuteDbDataReader(CommandBehavior behavior, Boolean nonQuery)
at Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
at Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.e.b.n()
at System.Data.Mapping.Update.Internal.DynamicUpdateCommand.Execute(UpdateTranslator translator, EntityConnection

connection, Dictionary`2 identifierValues, List`1 generatedValues)
at System.Data.Mapping.Update.Internal.UpdateTranslator.Update(IEntityStateManager stateManager, IEntityAdapter


Well, if I insert a row using DataSets and TableAdapters, using the same View, it works just fine.

Have you ever seen this before?

Greetings and thanks for your feedback

Devart Team
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Post by AndreyR » Wed 08 Dec 2010 12:44

The reason of the error is the DefiningQuery element. EDM Wizard generates this element for each view in the model, unlike Entity Developer.
Open the model in XML Editor and remove DefiningQuery from the SSDL part, the error should disappear.

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