Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

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Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Post by JoeRuspante » Thu 21 Oct 2010 15:34

I'm trying to connect to Oracle in the Database Explorer but it doesn't work (also if I have the Devart Oracle choice).

Is it a bug (you would give me the opportunity to use it in the Express edition), or is it an "unsupported" feature?

If it is unsupported, how can I do for have:

1) An entity framework in ASP application (I design it on EntityDeveloper, then import it into the ASP project... How?)

2) Bind data in ASP page to that EDM (with OracleDataSource)

There is any kind of tutorial on the web for do that?

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Post by AndreyR » Fri 22 Oct 2010 14:58

There is no support for third-party extensions in Visual Web Developer, but you can to generate a model in Entity Developer, generate code for it, and then to add this code as a usual C#(or Visual Basic) code file.
Then you can use the OnSelecting EntityDataSource event to work with the context in code.
You will also need to set the Metadata Artifact Processing property to CopyToOutputDirectory, place the generated metadata to your Bin folder, and set the path to metadata in the connection string accordingly.
The support for OracleDataSource control in VWDExpress will be available in one of the nearest builds.
As an alternative, you can change the extension of the model from .edml to .edmx and use it like a .edmx model.

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