NHibernate for dotConnect for Oracle

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NHibernate for dotConnect for Oracle

Post by jan000 » Tue 14 Sep 2010 15:42

We are trying to get Nhibernate for Oracle working, but we are stuck getting the DevartDataOracleDriver working. This fails to create:

public DevartDataOracleDriver()
: base(

When we look in the assemblies for Devart.Data.Oracle we don't see anything called "NHibernate" (we tried version 5.70 and 6.0). How can we get NHibernate working with dotConnect for Oracle?

The articles we used are:



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Post by Shalex » Wed 15 Sep 2010 14:19

I have just checked the 5.70.152 version of dotConnect for Oracle using our tutorial (http://www.devart.com/blogs/dotconnect/?p=1857) and succeded with all queries that are mentioned there. Please specify the exact error message, your call stack, and the step from our tutorial where you are getting this error.

Also please tell us the version of your NHibernate (my version was NHibernate-2.1.2).

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