pass multidimensional "table of" through OraCommandCommon

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pass multidimensional "table of" through OraCommandCommon

Post by Linkelf » Sun 31 Jan 2010 15:56

Hi all.
How can i pass type :

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create or replace VARCHAR_SQUARE  as table OF varchar_tbl

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create or replce VARCHAR_TBL as table of varchar2
to Oracle stored procedure through OraCommandCommon ?

I know that VARCHAR_TBL should be passed as string[], so i tried
pass VARCHAR_SQUARE as string[][] but the 'invalid object state' error occurs.

Sorry for nasty english.

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Post by Shalex » Mon 01 Feb 2010 14:49

Could you please send us the DDL/DML script of the database objects you are working with in your code, and a small test project to reproduce the error via our contact form? Also please tell us your version of dotConnect for Oracle, the connection mode (Direct or OCI),and the version of Oracle Server and Oracle Client (if it is used).

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