dotConnect for Oracle 5.35.52 Beta is available!

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dotConnect for Oracle 5.35.52 Beta is available!

Post by Shalex » Fri 30 Oct 2009 12:15

Dear users,

Devart team is glad to announce the Beta version of dotConnect for Oracle 5.35.52, which is available for download now.
This version includes:
  • Integration with improved dbMonitor added
LINQ to Oracle
  • Devart DbLinqDataSource component added
  • Linq performance improved
  • Fixed bug with EntitySet onAdd action
Entity Developer
  • New T4 like template engine with powerful editor added
  • Updated code generation
    • Ability to generate separate files for classes added
    • Entity Framework Pregenerated Views support added
  • Ability to execute LINQ and Entity SQL queries with data and native sql preview added
  • Ability to preview and edit data displayed in Database Explorer added
  • Table splitting added (emulation of deferred loading for "large" datatypes in EF)
  • OnDelete support for associations added
  • Corrected the setting of Source and Table attribute for non-database objects
  • Fixed bug with attach_Entity methods
  • Fixed bug with access and inheritance modifiers for properties
  • Fixed bug with out-parameters of stored procedures
  • Fixed bug with NUMBER to Double mapping in the stored procedure parameters
  • Fixed bug with procedures returning nullable types
Entity Framework support
  • Added support for handling nulls as empty strings for character columns
  • Fixed bug with CommandText in case of stored procedures
Devart development team