Can not find Oracle home.

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Can not find Oracle home.

Post by genesplitter » Sat 08 Aug 2009 00:18

I went through the sample console application and sucessfully reverse generated a couple example tables from my Oracle database, however when running the example code:

CrmDemoDataContext context = new CrmDemoData.CrmDemoDataContext();

var query = from it in context.PROPOSALs
select it;

foreach ( PROPOSAL p in query)
Console.WriteLine("{0}", p.PROPOSAL_SERIAL_NUMBER);

I get the following error on the foreach...

"Can not find Oracle home."

This seems a bit surprising because there was no issue finding the hundreds of tables/views when I reverse engineered the database.

Does devart talk to the database via a different path when using the DevArt LINQ to SQL Modeling tool vs from plain code?

Devart Team
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Post by AndreyR » Mon 10 Aug 2009 11:24

We use the same connection string to connect the database in both cases.
Please make sure that you use the same connection strings to connect.
One more idea: the problem may be associated with 32/64 bit compatibilities, please make sure you use the proper Oracle client.

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