New version of dotConnect for Oracle 5.25.37 is released!

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New version of dotConnect for Oracle 5.25.37 is released!

Post by Shalex » Wed 15 Jul 2009 08:05

Dear users,

New version of dotConnect for Oracle 5.25.37 is available for download now.
This version includes:
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta supported
  • ASP.NET Web Providers: Added requiresUniqueEmail functionality
  • Performance improvements in Direct mode when executing DML commands
  • Fixed bug with the SET command in OracleScript
  • Fixed bug with VarChar parameters in the Direct mode when Unicode=true
  • Fixed bug with ORA-01461 with Chinese charset in the Direct mode
LINQ to Oracle
  • Added support of the String.IsNullOrEmpty() method
  • Fixed bug with nested LoadWith() methods on the query level
  • Fixed bug with inserting parent and several child entities in one InsertOnSubmit() when keys are db-generated
  • Fixed bug with the AssociateWith() method and VB.NET
  • Fixed bug with Stored Procedure and out parameter types
Entity Developer
  • Advanced mapping with Entity Framework QueryView supported
  • Oracle packages supported
  • Displaying of Navigation properties on diagram and project explorer implemented
  • Ability to change properties order added
  • Ability to edit Referential constraints added
  • Ability to set OnDelete action added
  • Ability to set Rows Affected parameter added
  • Added dialogs for suitable storage model editing
  • Added advanced search on the model
  • Added support for storing connections in the configuration files
  • Added Entity Set Pluralization Naming Rule
  • Fixed bug with namespaces
  • Fixed bug with invisible OK button in Association Editor
  • Fixed bug with tags
  • Fixed bug with XML Comments serialization
Entity Framework support
  • Fixed bug with ProviderManifestToken
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