generation order of reference properties not deterministic??

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generation order of reference properties not deterministic??

Post by Holger_CP » Mon 13 Jul 2009 11:34


We have detected a problem with the devart data provider.
We use dotconnect version and oracle 10g.

Let's assume we have following tables:
  • Table1: "User" with the colums: "ID" and "Name"
    Table2: "Family" with the columns: "ID", "Father", "Mother", "Son", "Daughter", which reference to the user table.
So far, so good. Now i can create the EDMX and display the family with following code:

Code: Select all

var result = from table in familyEntities.FAMILY
						select table;
				var firstFamily = result.FirstOrDefault();
				//load the user data

				//display the family
				label1.Text = string.Format("Father: {0}, Mother: {1}, Son: {2}, Daughter:{3}",

Now the Problem. I update the EDMX and include the following table:
  • Table3: "Misc" with the columns: "ID", "User1" and "User2", which reference also to the user table.
Now it seems that the generation order of the (user) reference properties is not deterministic and the code above return wrong values
(e.g. firstFamily.USER1.NAME is not the father anymore, but the daughter etc.)

Till now everytime when we change and update the EDMX file we have to adjust our program code to avoid writing data into the wrong columns of the database. So, how can we handle this type of problem?

greetings, Holger

PS. We are not sure if this is a bug in the devart data provider, but we have tried to reproduce this with SQL Server and the Entity Framework and it works fine there.

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Post by AndreyR » Mon 13 Jul 2009 13:32

I have just tried the code you posted, using 5.20.33 version of dotConnect and failed to reproduce the problem.
Could you please try to update to the new version of dotConnects?
The new build will be available soon, I tried using it and also succeeded.
If the upgrade won't help, please send me (support * devart * com, subject "EF: Generation Order")
the generated models (before and after the update).
One more thing: please make sure that the underlying data layer was not changed.

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