Huggggggggge Problem

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Nagamani Muralidhar

Huggggggggge Problem

Post by Nagamani Muralidhar » Fri 01 Jul 2005 17:46


I had requested some information a while back asking the same and I did not seem to get any help from Corelab.

My environment is .NET framework 1.1, Oracle 9i and OraDirect.Net2.1.
Everytime we are quering a view which has counts and decodes as the select list , Oracle.OracleDataAdapter does not return any rows. While running the same SQL in the SQL Plus returns records. This is turning out to be a nightmare as we are trying to design views based on OradDirect.NET requirement.

I would really appreciate some help as this is causing issues with my client.

Thanks in advance,

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Post by Paul » Sun 03 Jul 2005 18:34

We cannot reproduce your problem. Please try the last version of OraDirect .NET 2.50 or OraDirect .NET 3.00, possibly this problem is fixed there.
Please send us small demo project to demonstrate the problem to OraDirect support address and include script for creating server objects.

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