Is there a way to use tnsnames.ora in Mobile?

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Is there a way to use tnsnames.ora in Mobile?

Post by Jes_Gru » Thu 11 Jun 2009 16:16

As IP addresses and ports can change is there a way to use tnsnames.ora file using the mobile version of dotConnect on a CE device?

So the connection string could be:

string connString = "Data Source=idbsdev;User ID=name;Password=password;";

instead of:

string connString = @"user id=name;Password=password;server=;sid=idbsdev;port=1526;";

The tnsnames.ora entry is: =
(Host = mfgdev)
(Port = 1526)
(SID = idbsdev)

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Post by Shalex » Fri 12 Jun 2009 16:06

The tnsnames.ora file cannot be used on mobile devices because there is no appropriate mobile version of Oracle client. If you want to change the connection string dynamically, please place it to the *.config file of your application.

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