Visual Studio 2003 - Oracle Mobile

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Visual Studio 2003 - Oracle Mobile

Post by ck31user » Wed 20 May 2009 12:24

Hello All,
I have purchased the 'dotConnect for Oracle 5.20 Mobile' but I'm having a tons of issues getting it to work on my Windows CE 4.2 devices (I have another post on this topic). My question is, can I get an older (but stable) version of this software to work with Visual Studio 2003? My devices are a little older and are more compatible with the .net framework v1.1. All I'm planning on doing running a simple select statement against my oracle database so I can live without any of the newer features.


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Post by Shalex » Wed 20 May 2009 14:57

Brandon, we have answered you at . If it doesn't help, please contact our sales department (sales at devart*com) and describe the issue you are experiencing.

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