Help! Connection timeout setting of window mobile

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Help! Connection timeout setting of window mobile

Post by tangaslie » Wed 14 Jan 2009 09:56

Help! Connection timeout setting of window mobile :(

Dear all,

I face a problem. Actually, I am using a window mobile for checking the access right of the tickets through wi-fi. In case the wi-fi connection broken, it will take a long long time checking before going to Exception. However, I set the Connection Timeout property in the connectionstring but it is not work.

If the Connection Timeout is not work. Does anyone get any idea or work around to solve this problem?


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Post by Shalex » Wed 14 Jan 2009 13:18

The Connection Timeout option is available in Direct mode only and not for Mobile Edition. We cannot provide this functionality for Mobile Edition.

We recommend you to control the time for attempting to establish the connection manually. E.g., you can try to track it in parallel thread, and if response of the first thread is taking too long, stop the attempt to establish connection.

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