Deployment issues (V 5)

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Deployment issues (V 5)

Post by jpl » Wed 26 Nov 2008 09:09


I have to deploy an application using EF written in C#. The only assemblies I need are Devart.Data.dll, Devart.Data.Oracle.dll and Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.dll. I pack the application in a MSI installer with Visual Studio 2008. I use direct mode connection so that no Oracle libraries are needed on the client computer. I want my setup to embed all the necessary stuff and I don't want to tell my customer to first install a third party library in a special install mode and then install my application setup.

The deployment you propose has two issues in my case :
- It's not possible to embed the assemblies in a custom setup without installing your libraries on the client computer (I tried to do so but I got license problems, even with an application embeding the licenses.licx ressource)
- The minimal install is not complete because it does not register the Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity assembly.

Please tell me how to provide the third above assemblies in my application without needing to install separately your libraries in the target computer, and why you write in the documentation that the install is required for the case of the connection factory use (are there any special registry settings ? because the machine.config addition can be written in the app.config and is not necessary) If it's not possible, It would be nice to have for example a special setup one could invoke silently with special arguments during the setup process, and that would be embeded in the application setup one could provide to customers.

I don't want to give to everyone the Devart setup I purchased.

Since the post I tried once more with the three assemblies just copied in the bin directory. I removed the Devart installation on the target computer and the application could still connect. The problem is that now I dont know if it works because of the first install that would have let few necessary things behind it, or if the deployment pattern is correct :

- 1 - I first had Devart.Data.dll and Devart.Data.Oracle.dll in the bin directory deployed by my application setup on a clean computer. Then I got license issues.
- 2 - After installing the minimal devart setup and restarting the computer, I got 'unable to load Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.dll assembly' error message.
- 3 - I added the Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.dll assembly in my application setup so that it could be copied in the bin directory. Then the application could work and connect to the Oracle database.
- 4 - I removed the Devart setup from the target computer. After restarting the computer the application still works.

Why does it still work ? Because the three assemblies are sufficient of because of the Devart install/uninstall actions ?

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Post by AndreyR » Wed 26 Nov 2008 12:31

This question has already been discussed here:
The only difference is the change of namespaces, invariants and class names.
The correct record you can find in your machine.config file in the section.

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