Licensing for MSTest during Team Build

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Licensing for MSTest during Team Build

Post by tbassett » Tue 04 Nov 2008 21:08

I am trying to run unit tests in our build process that is Microsoft Team Foundation Server build.

I have embedded the licenses.licx file.

I have created the licenses.config file and placed in it:

I have put the licenses.config in the directory that the test assemblies are compiled and run from, the directory where MSTest.exe lives, the directory where MSBuild.exe lives.

I still get "Test method XXX threw exception: CoreLab.Oracle.OracleException: License not valid due to the problems with OraDirect .NET installation..".

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Post by AndreyR » Wed 05 Nov 2008 11:43

Please ensure that OraDirect .NET is installed on server you are running the test on.

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Post by tbassett » Wed 05 Nov 2008 20:58

I don't have to install Oradirect on my user's boxes too, right? I don't want to install our build server. I want it to be just like our deployments.

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Post by Paul » Thu 06 Nov 2008 10:17

You have to install OraDirect .NET on the computer where unit tests are compiled by Visual Studio (build server).
To avoid this you can build *.licenses resource as described in "Licensing"|"Compiling License Manually" section of OraDirect .NET documentation. Use your licenses.licx and licenses.config for compiling with lc.exe utility. Do this on the computer where OraDirect .NET is installed.
Then include *.licenses resource to unit tests and process tests as usual.

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