Entity Framework schema name

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Entity Framework schema name

Post by lsforzini » Mon 20 Oct 2008 16:48

I have a large database schema (about 200 table). I've generated a library wich include the entity data model and the views for performance reasons. The Oracle database schema name where I generated edm and views is schema1 and I've a lot of customer where the schema name is not equal to schema1. The csdl, msl and ssdl file are not emedded in the library.
When I run a query for one of this customer with a different schema name I got the error "ORA-942 table or view does not exist". I captured the query with DbMonitor and I saw that in left outher join clause Corelab driver include the schema name schema1 even if I changed the .ssdl file used by the library (Schema="SCHEMA1" -> Schema="CUSTOMER_SCHEMA").
Where is stored the database schema information? How can I change it depending to the installation?
Thanks :cry:

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Post by Shalex » Tue 21 Oct 2008 10:12

If all the objects are placed in the same schema or can be accessed through the public synonyms, the easiest way is editing of SSDL part in the edmx file with removing the Schema attribute of the appropriate EntitySet tags.

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