Entity Framework and Take()

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Entity Framework and Take()

Post by DanielZ » Mon 08 Sep 2008 09:09

We use OraDirect .NET version 4.75.41 and still have serious problems when using the Take() Command via the ADO.NET Entity Framework. It just takes the first n Rows after sorting the Primary Key (ID) Column and then sorts the result after given sortings. This is obviously not the expected result sorting by the Primary Key (ID) Column in the first instance. We had this problem with OraDirect .NET since several versions now and porum posts claimed that this issue shall be fixed with the Visual Studio SP1 RTM Version.

We urgently need this feature to build pageable/sortable grids!!!

When will this issue really be fixed?
Are there any work-arounds we could go until it is fixed?

Thanks in advance...

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Post by Shalex » Tue 09 Sep 2008 10:06

The problem is this: simultaneous usage of Skip and Take when sorting works correctly, but single Take with sorting is not allowed now. As a temporary work-around it can be:

1. usage of Skip(0) before Take()

IQueryable queryable = query.Skip(0).Take(4);


2. IEumerable enumerable = query.ToList().Take(4);

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