Meaning of "use provider specific code" in dataset wizard

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matthieu de graaf
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Meaning of "use provider specific code" in dataset wizard

Post by matthieu de graaf » Fri 29 Aug 2008 06:00


I'm working with Oradirect with MS Visual Studio 2008.

Can you explain the meaning of the "use provider specific code generator" in the dataset wizard? I've noticed that only by unchecking this checkbox code for tableadapters is generated. The checked (default) value leads to no tableadapter code. In this case, do you have to write it yourself. It's a little bit confusing because a tableadapter is always shown in the dataset designer window.

2) My generated datasets don't show up in the dataset manager. Even a dataset I create in the dataset manager doesn't show up. Why?


Matthieu de Graaf

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Post by Shalex » Fri 29 Aug 2008 14:24

If you check option "use provider specific code generator" in DataSet Wizard, the generated DataSet's type is CoreLab.Oracle.OracleDataSet. It uses CoreLab.Oracle.OracleDataTable objects instead of System.Data.DataTable. Otherwise, Devart DataSet Wizard generates the System.Data.DataSet with System.Data.DataTables and TableAdapters.

Devart classes provide more flexibility and convenience for users, and there is no more need in the TableAdapters - their functionality is incapsulated in the OracleDataTable class.

DataSet Manager supports only CoreLab.Oracle.OracleDataSet instances.

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