Support for "Fast Application Notification"

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Support for "Fast Application Notification"

Post by HenrikS » Fri 22 Aug 2008 08:33

Hi all!

I’m rather new to Oracle and I am participating in a project where we shall port a big application from SQL Server to Oracle 11g.
We have tested several different providers, including ODP.NET, Data Direct and OraDirect.NET. Because our original SQL Server application is using a lot of SP:s that returns data to the client, we need to use a lot of ref cursors to be able to develop in Oracle in a similar manor. Here we found out that OraDirect outperformed the others greatly and had performance similar to SQL Server, and that’s good!
Now to the problem: We are going to use Oracle RAC to have a high availability environment and here we have to use all the bells and whistles that Oracle has to achieve this.
As far as I know, OraDirect supports TAF to make the client switch database instance on failure, but we have to use another method, namely “Fast Application Notification” (FAN) where the database instances informs the client of failures and where the clients much quicker can react to the failure and invalidate existing connections in the connection pool (and some other stuff). In ODP.NET you simply put “HA Events=true” in the connection string and then that feature is up and running. I tested this in OraDirect, but it didn’t work, and I have not found any information on how to enable this feature in TNSNAMES.ORA either. I think FAN is something that OraDirect has to be aware of to be able to invalidate connections.
It’s crucial for us to be able to use FAN and I wonder if OraDirect supports this and how it is initialised. As I said earlier, I'm new to the Oracle world so there can obviously be many things that I have missed...

Best Regards

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Post by Shalex » Fri 22 Aug 2008 12:35

Thank you for your feedback.

OraDirect .NET 4.75 supports only "Transparent application failover" (TAF). More: section "Using OraDirect .NET | Transparent Application Failover Support"

We are working on adding “Fast Application Notification” (FAN) functionality to OraDirect .NET Currently it is not available.

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