New build of OraDirect .NET 4.70.37 is available!

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New build of OraDirect .NET 4.70.37 is available!

Post by anton.connect » Thu 26 Jun 2008 12:37

Dear users,

New build of OraDirect .NET version 4.70.37 is available for download now.
This version includes:
  • Connection strings from web.config are now available in Visual Studio 2008 design time
  • Improved OracleDataSource design time capabilities
  • Fixed bug with DataLink design time
    Entity Framework support
  • XMLTYPE columns supported
  • NUMBER columns are now mapped to Decimial, Double, Int64, Int32, and Boolean, depending on column precision
  • EDM Wizard is capable of operating in schemas not owned by the current user (Oracle 10g and above)
  • Added partial support for Table of Object (the table must have a primary key, and all object fields must be primitive)
  • EDM Wizard no longer shows deleted tables
  • Fixed several bugs with package stored procedures support
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