2.5 - GetServerList cant find tnsnames

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2.5 - GetServerList cant find tnsnames

Post by expas » Fri 13 May 2005 21:24

in 2.5 version (we can't check 3.0 beta) on several computers (not on all) function GetServerList say - "cant find tnsnames.ora"

in registry:

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(string)(Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"software\oracle").GetValue("oracle_home")) + @"\network\ADMIN\TNSNAMES.ORA";
on this mashines all ok - our own algorithm of finding tnsnames.ora find and parse this file without any error

so may by you say here what is algorithm of finding tnsnames.ora?
and check this in 3.0 version

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Post by Paul » Tue 17 May 2005 08:53

GetServerList function in OraDirect .NET 2.50 returns list of servers from tnsnames.ora in default home (not every particular home). Default home in this function is determined from SOFTWARE\ORACLE\ALL_HOMES\DEFAULT_HOME key. It is not correct, because oci.dll is taken from default home determined by environment PATH variable. We will correct this in OraDirect .NET 3.0.

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