Entity Framework; Add new tables from DB hangs

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Entity Framework; Add new tables from DB hangs

Post by PAGE » Sun 04 May 2008 14:29

i want to use the ADO Entity Framework with OraDirect. I create a model for one table. No problems (but the mapping of a DB-Column with datatype char(1) was to string ??). Then i try to add 2 aditional DB-tables to the model (small tables with a foreign key constraint to the first table). After ~ 30 minutes the model with the 2 added tables was created.

Where spent the system so much time? Is there any way to speed up this process?

My Environment:

VS2008 Professional with EF_Beta3 and Tools
Windows XP SP2

Oracle 11.x on IBM-Aix (64 Bit DB)
remote connect via Ora-Client 10.x and VPN (this works fast with the Standalone-Management-Konsole)

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Post by Alexey.mdr » Mon 05 May 2008 14:59

We could not reproduce the performance issue.
It takes only a moment to add entities to the EF model.
Is the issue constantly reproducible?
Probably some other process led to such delay?

This functionality is not fully implemented in EF beta 3 and Visual Studio 2008 yet.
You should use “Update Model from Database...” wizard in the Model Browser context menu.
Otherwise entities are created, but are not actually mapped to the database items.

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